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It’s difficult to find a single-serve coffee maker that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and yet provides a hot, rich-tasting brew. The many fans of the Capresso On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker (starting at $40; available on Amazon) believe they have had this seemingly unattainable wish fulfilled.

The Capresso On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker has a permanent filter that fits into a small basket, and getting the coffee brewing is as simple as measuring a few tablespoons of coffee and using the included stainless steel travel mug to fill the water reservoir. The cycle is complete in less than four minutes, fast enough to satisfy coffee lovers in a hurry, but long enough to gain some strength from the coffee grounds. Users appreciate that they can add their own coffee, ground the way they prefer it, and in an amount that will procure the perfect cup. An Amazon reviewer was so amazed by the flavor that it inspired the purchase of a coffee grinder and gourmet beans, and a whole new world of coffee drinking opened up.

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It is also possible to use soft pods with this machine, but in general, reviewers say the resulting coffee isn't as good as they get with grounds. Indeed, the experts at Seattle Coffee Gear recommend using freshly ground beans, which worked best in their testing.

The movable parts (mug, filter, and filter basket) are all dishwasher-safe and need to be cleaned after each use. One downside, which no reviewers cited as a deal breaker, is that some condensation drips out of the coffee maker after the brew cycle is finished. And some grounds find their way into the mug, users complain, particularly when using a fine grind.

A few people lament on Amazon that the Capresso On-the-Go was short-lived, but many reviewers, both on that site and Bed Bath & Beyond, praise the machine for being well worth the money. They contend it performed as well as, if not better than, much higher-priced and more popular single-serve models. Others are also happy with the small footprint, which is just a little bigger than the mug that comes with it.

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