Farberware 12-Cup Coffee Maker 103744 Review


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Think Twice
Despite some frills such as a brew strength adjustor and water filter, the carafe on this maker is so poorly designed that some say they have to make extra coffee for the amount that’s spilled.

That the manufacturer advertises a “precision pour carafe with a plastic lip for a dripless pour” would make many buyers of the Farberware 12-Cup Coffee Maker sneer. Every time a cup is poured, some reviewers claim, the coffee goes everywhere, no matter how they try to maneuver the pot.

As one reviewer puts it on Amazon, one cup gets filled for every two that get on the counter. Farberware 12-Cup Coffee Maker reviews at Walmart, for which the Farberware 103744 is exclusively made, say the water also leaks out of the vents on the reservoir if it gets filled to capacity. Nonetheless, a product testing site recommends the Farberware 103744 (starting at $40, Amazon) for its convenience, ease of use, and setup, although, like most cheap coffee makers, this one does not get up to the optimal water temperature or brew time.

These issues aside, the Farberware 12-Cup Coffee Maker has a lot of features admired by users who actually like the machine. Programming is easy, reviewers say, and they appreciate that the brew strength can be adjusted to taste. There are four brew settings: strong, gourmet, bold, and normal. The distinctions among these settings are a bit unclear, but adherents like the fact that this machine can make a stronger cup. There is a charcoal filter to remove most of the chlorine from tap water, although it needs to be replaced every few months. Some people find it difficult to locate replacements, but Walmart sells six for less than $5. The hot plate shuts off automatically after two hours, but that can be extended to four hours. Note: We saw at least one report of the coating wearing off this hot plate relatively quickly and sticking to the bottom of the carafe.

The Farberware 12-Cup Coffee Maker 103744 comes with a two-year limited warranty.

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