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This popular model is about as cheap and simple as can be. One switch turns it on and off, and that’s it. No automatic shut-off is a drawback to some, but the simplicity of operation makes up for it.

The opposite of the coffee connoisseur is the person who is busy in the morning and just wants a good, fresh, hot cup of coffee. The Mr. Coffee CG13 (starting at $15; available on Amazon) is a 12-cup coffee maker with no special attributes, other than a pause-and-serve feature that stops the machine so you can pour a cup while the coffee is still brewing. It’s as cheap as can be and as easy as pouring water into the pot. The machine has only one button, to turn it on and off, and a light (and apparently a clicking noise at times) that indicates that the machine is operating. There is also a white model, the CG12.

The Mr. Coffee CG13 has a water window to show where the water level is as you pour it into the machine. And, lest users get overzealous with pouring, there are two overflow holes at the back, so the pot cannot be overfilled. There is a hot plate underneath the carafe, but it does not shut off automatically, so if the machine is not turned off manually, the coffee can get scorched after a while. This bothers some users who have left Mr. Coffee CG13 reviews on the manufacturer’s site, but most people don’t mind it; they simply remember to turn the coffee maker off as soon as the brew cycle has finished. The Mr. Coffee CG13 uses ordinary paper basket filters, although a permanent filter is available separately.

Many Mr. Coffee CG13 adherents posting reviews at say they simply love the machine, and many of them re-purchase it -- which they might have to do fairly often. Although some users own machines that have been going for years, many others report that the coffee maker died after a few months or even started smoking. But for people who want a simple, non-fancy machine that makes a good pot of coffee for a low price, the Mr. Coffee CG13 is a winner.

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