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The thermal pot on this 8-cup programmable unit would be useful for keeping coffee hot, if the coffee that came out was hot to begin with. Users also find both the lid and cleaning hard to manage.

A low-priced coffee maker with a thermal carafe that can keep coffee warm without scorching it on a heating plate is a real find. Unfortunately, most reviewers suggest that the coffee produced by the Mr. Coffee JWTX85 (starting at $38; available on Amazon) isn’t worth keeping around.

The Mr. Coffee JWTX85 is an 8-cup programmable coffee maker with a stainless steel thermal carafe intended to keep the brew at the same temperature for a few hours. Many Mr. Coffee JWTX85 reviews on the manufacturer’s site and at Walmart complain about cold coffee, however, saying the carafe does not work as intended.

To be fair, there are some reviewers, such as this one on Amazon, who consider the coffee flavorful, rich, and warm enough. There are also some people who say they don’t like very hot coffee. Several others insist that if you carefully follow the instructions, and fill the carafe with hot water to warm it prior to brewing, the coffee will be hot. Of course, filling the carafe with hot water first is not an option if you’re programming it the night before the coffee gets made. For the most part, disappointment with the carafe -- which includes frustration associated with opening, closing, and cleaning it -- and the tepid coffee are reviewers' primary reasons for panning the machine.

There are other features on the Mr. Coffee JWTX85 that do improve the coffee experience, reviewers say. A brew-strength selector pumps up the volume for a stronger cup of coffee, and Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause lets users sneak in for that immediate mug when necessary. The machine automatically shuts off after two hours as a boon to the forgetful. It also has a cleaning cycle.

All in all, there are good pots with thermal carafes to be had out there, but not for this price, and not this model.

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