Eight O'Clock Original Review



This perennial favorite has been around for more than 150 years and still attracts new generations of coffee drinkers. Consumers and experts agree it has a pleasing aroma and full-bodied flavor, although it was a bit too mellow for our panelists' liking.

For many years, A&P supermarkets had three coffees under its own label that customers could grind in the store. The medium blend, Eight O'Clock Original (starting at $4.98 for 12 ounces of whole beans, Amazon), is still earning fans after more than 150 years, according to Eight O'Clock reviews. Consumers posting reviews on a leading consumer-product testing site -- including one who has been drinking the coffee for decades -- enjoy being awakened by its aroma and the richness of its flavor. They find the coffee an excellent value that approaches the quality of premium blends.

In Eight O'Clock reviews at Amazon, consumers say the original blend is not strong or bitter and suits people who are not turned on by dark coffeehouse brews. They find that it has a sweetish edge to it and is hearty without being over-roasted. According to an older writeup at Coffee Review, however, Eight O'Clock Original falls on the darker side of medium roast. The site's experts give the coffee a high rating in a blind taste test, noting a pungent richness. More current reviews from consumers on the same site seem to suggest that recent batches don't live up to this standard.

Several Eight O'Clock reviews by both consumers and experts mention that the original blend has a chocolate-y undertone and rave about its smoothness. While it seems to hold up to the addition of milk and sugar, it is probably best for people who drink their coffee black. Our tasting panel found that much of the coffee taste was lost when milk was added. They noticed that the coffee had a sweetness to it and they couldn't detect any aftertaste.

Eight O'Clock Original comes in vacuum-sealed bags of whole beans or ground coffee.

Elizabeth Sheer

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