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Where to Buy eCampus.com


eCampus.com is a big name in the textbook services industry with a mixed reputation, according to eCampus reviews. Critical reviews of eCampus abound on sites like Reseller Ratings, where student users rag on about non-responsive customer service, orders that arrive late or not at all, misleading communications from the company, money owed from returned books that fails to show up, disputed charges, and books in poor condition. But other reviews take an opposite tack. Some reviews on Rate It All have good things to say about the site's ease of use, quality of the used and rented books, and range of options. Top Ten Reviews likes the redesigned help section and the wide selection of books. Some reviews note that prices for book purchases are somewhat higher than the competition but so are prices for buybacks. Also supportive are reviews on Price Grabber.

This is a catch-all site aimed at college-age consumers. eCampus.com sells, rents, and buys regular textbooks, hosts a blog, and sells etextbooks, best sellers, college apparel, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. It maintains a warehouse of textbooks and also relies on a small network of third-party sellers, which may account for some of the complaints in eCampus reviews. You get free shipping with orders over $59, and return shipping on rentals is free; expect to pay hefty fees if you don't return the book on time. The site, by the way, is a tad overwhelming. The search engine for books hits you right away, but there's a lot going on, with many places to click and distractions galore.

eCampus.com will do the job if you can't get your books elsewhere, but don't be surprised if delivery is slow, you don't get exactly what you ordered, or you pay more for the books than your friends.

Textbook Prices by CampusBooks.com

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – August 1, 2012
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