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In addition to Chegg.com, the biggest players in the college textbook rental market are BookRenter.com and CampusBookRentals.com. There's really nothing wrong with BookRenter.com, it's just that BookRenter.com reviews are somewhat less positive than those for Chegg.com and its offerings a little less attractive. For example, a BookRenter.com review on TopTenReviews.com notes that prices at this online textbook rental site are slightly higher than at Chegg.com. Still, this review talks up the site's extensive help section, which includes a broad set of FAQs, and says the site provides a good overall user experience. And the handful of reviews by users that we found -- and these on Trustlink.org -- are mixed: one customer reports the ordered book arrived on time but without a bar code that could access online resources, and two others gripe about delayed shipments and problems reaching customer service. As for features, BookRenter.com allows only 10 days to return a book, no questions asked, and assesses a restocking fee, while Chegg.com gives you 30 days and doesn't take a restocking fee. BookRenter.com adds seriously hefty charges for books that are damaged (even slightly, though minimal highlighting and writing are allowed) and returned after the rental due date. It is not in the business of buying used books. Some online textbook website reviews, like that on Techcrunch.com, describe BookRenter.com as being " at war " with Chegg.com for the No. 1 rental site spot. While it boasts an inventory of three million textbooks and claims to save students up to on 75% on rentals, the battle for online textbook rental supremacy is tipping in Chegg.com's favor.

We didn't find any customer reviews for CampusBookRentals.com, but a comparative CampusBookRentals.com review on AceOnlineSchools.com says this online textbook rental service offers the widest selection of rental books and the cheapest prices on shipping. Book rental prices, however, seem to be on the high side. This review site found that in 2009, fees at CampusBookRentals.com exceeded those at Chegg.com on seven of 10 randomly selected books and were sometimes higher than those at BookRenter.com. A CampusBookRentals.com review on TextbookRentalReview.com cautions that one order with multiple books may result in multiple packages because books are shipped from a variety of locations. Still, this college textbook rental site has several things going for it. A review on TopTenReviews.com says it offers good customer service, attractive buy-back prices on books you want to sell, and generous policies like free shipping if you need to return a book within 30 days of placing the order, an option to re-rent a book at a savings of 30%, and a unique 15-day grace period to return a book after the rental period ends. Although you may not find the cheapest rental prices at CampusBookRentals.com, other features may be equally appealing and/or better suit your needs.

Textbook Prices by CampusBooks.com

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – August 6, 2014
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