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textbookx.com (Akademos, Inc.)

Like every cheap college textbook site we researched, Textbookx.com attracts its share of customer gripes. In particular, customers reserve much of their ire in Textbookx.com reviews for customer service. Reviews on Resellerratings.com, for example, rage about rude customer service representatives and arbitrarily cancelled orders despite credit card charges. Other reviews on Epinions complain about incorrectly filled orders, delayed shipments, and multiple charges for the same item. On the other hand, Starreviews.com writes in its review that calls to customer service were answered promptly and courteously, and email questions generated helpful replies; this Textbookx.com review adds, though, that attempts to reach online chat and FAQs failed. In a comparative review of prices, Starreviews.com also found that Textbookx.com prices were often higher than the competition.

Textbookx.com lets you buy, rent, or sell (the latter through a student marketplace only) books. This cheap college textbook vendor claims 930,000 titles in its inventory, and accepts returns within a 30-day period but charges a 10% restocking fee. You can also buy reference texts, study aides, best sellers, career guides, and other assorted items through the site. One unique feature, designed to expand and solidify the customer base, is the offer to pay you $1 for each book sale that results from a referral you make to Textbookx.com. When you go to the site, beware of the list of school book stores on the left: if you click on one, you will be routed to that subsite and may never get back to the Textbookx.com homepage.

In sum, this is a cheap college textbook website you can do without. There are other online textbook vendors that deliver better service and better prices.

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by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – September 8, 2015
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