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On the surface, Bookbyte.com seems like a decent place from which to buy cheap college textbooks. In fact, a comparative review of online textbook retailers by Campus Grotto found that Bookbyte.com offers some of the best buy and sell deals around. The Bookbyte.com review onStarreviews.com agrees about the cheap prices. But these good deals seem to contain hidden costs. Reviews on Resellerratings.com are scathing, particularly regarding book buy-backs; customers report that this cheap online textbook vendor misrepresents the condition of books students sell to the site in order to reduce buy-back prices. And a user posting a Bookbyte.com review claims to have received a book that reeked and needed to be wrapped in plastic to contain the offending odor.

Bookbyte.com buys and sells new and used books, as well as study guides, school supplies, and best sellers. You can get an instant quote on the price Bookbyte.com says it will pay for a book, but as noted above, the actual dollar amount handed over to sellers leaves many disappointed and some fuming. Shipping is free for books you sell and for orders totaling at least $50. The no-questions-asked return period is a comparatively narrow 14-day window (other sites offer a 30-day return). The Bookbyte.com website is uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Don't be lured in by the cheap prices. Bookbyte.com will take a bite out of your patience, and your expected cash return, in the end.

Textbook Prices by CampusBooks.com

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – September 8, 2015
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