“cheapism helps you find the cheapest "best buys"” — lifehacker

Most textbook websites offer several options for obtaining books, including buying new, buying used, and renting. Used books and rentals promise the lowest prices. Some providers offer free shipping on orders that exceed a certain amount and rentals typically come with free shipping in both directions. Shipping is also free when selling books back to a provider. If this is your plan at the end of the semester, though, take care with the books -- the site won't pay the quoted price if the book is damaged. Etextbooks are a necessary offering these days, and some sites have dedicated apps that provide learning tools to accompany the text.

Best Yes Yes Free for orders over $35, rental returns, and buybacks Yes Yes; PayPal, check, or credit (5 percent bonus for credit)
Good Yes (sales via third-party suppliers) Yes Free both ways for rentals over $25 Yes (for rent) No
Good Yes Yes Free for orders over $59, rental returns, and buybacks Yes Yes; direct deposit, check, or credit
Good Yes Yes Free for orders over $85 (with coupon), rental returns, and buybacks Yes Yes; check or credit
Don't Bother Yes Yes Starting at $3.95; free for rental returns and buybacks No Yes; check or PayPal
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