Mr. Eco Mini Compost Bin Review


Think Twice

A handle to manually turn the waste seems like a good idea for an indoor compost bin, but users fault the execution, saying the tumbler gets stuck and the rotation allows odors and fruit flies to escape.

The unusual design on this cheap indoor compost bin fails to wow users, according to the few Mr. Eco Mini Compost Bin reviews we found. Most kitchen compost bins meant to hold food scraps temporarily are simple receptacles with a lid. The Mr. Eco Mini Compost Bin, by contrast, features a tumbler with a turning handle that deposits fresh waste into a hidden chamber below. And therein lies the problem, say some reviews at Amazon. Critics contend that odors and fruit flies escape as the tumbler rotates; waste collects in the tumbler, making it hard to turn; and using biodegradable bags to line the bin interferes with the tumbler’s rotation. On the other hand, a couple of reviews at Hayneedle are more enthusiastic. These users report no problems with odor, the bags, or the tumbler, and say the product performs as advertised.

The Mr. Eco Mini Compost Bin (starting at $40, Amazon) has a 2.7-gallon capacity and is dishwasher-safe. It is made from recycled plastic and itself can be recycled. It also comes with a bracket for wall mounting as an alternative to sitting on the counter.

We don’t see any advantages to the Mr. Eco Mini Compost Bin. With no ventilation in the holding chamber, it doesn’t produce compost. And as a holding place for kitchen waste destined for an outdoor compost bin, the price is high. There are far cheaper products that do the job without the fuss.

Jennifer Magid

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