Keter E-Composter Review


Think Twice

Users are disappointed with this 124-gallon outdoor compost bin due to a variety of build-quality problems, including doors that come out of their slots.

Users pile on complaints about this outdoor compost bin in Keter E-Composter reviews. At Amazon they assert that the plastic walls seem flimsy and warp in the heat of the sun, the sides bulge and come apart even when the bin is barely full, and squirrels easily chew through them; one review says duct tape is necessary to hold the structure together, and doesn’t succeed in doing so for long. Other reviews gripe about a lid that’s easy pickings for wind and raccoons and difficulty turning the composting mass because of limited access through the top. (One user removed the base and lifts off the bin to turn the compost and then piles it back in.) A few users, however, counter that the bin is easy to assemble, holds up well, and delivers a composted product.

The Keter E-Composter (starting at $49, Amazon) has a capacity of 124 gallons and a cup on top for watering the contents. There’s also a door at the bottom for shoveling out the compost.

Where to buy

The consensus opinion: Don’t bother. For the money, there are better outdoor composters on the market.

Jennifer Magid

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