Chef'n EcoCrock Review



This 3.5-quart indoor compost bin is a simple and odor-free way to store kitchen scraps in a stylish package. An inner bucket lifts out for easy disposal and cleaning.

The Chef'n EcoCrock (starting at $40, Amazon) manages to make a pile of compost look good in the kitchen, thanks to a contemporary design that is decorative enough to display. Good looks aside, this compost bin garners an array of positive reviews because of its performance. Many users declare that the bin is easy to empty and clean and holds enough scraps without taking up too much space on the countertop.

For any would-be composter who might be squeamish about stench, Chef'n EcoCrock reviews on Amazon assert that the bin lives up to its claim of being odor-free, unlike many others in this category. An odor-absorbing charcoal filter attaches to the inside of the vented lid to control the smell.

As with any odor-eating compost bin, users must pay for replacement filters every few months. Still, many don't mind the expense; they want to make sure that pests don't get a whiff and swarm the bin. On the South African kitchenware site Yuppie Chef, reviews mention that fruit flies aren't attracted to this compost bin because of how well it holds in odor. Although it's cheaper to forgo a specialized bin, one reviewer who previously composted in a yogurt container says the Chef'n EcoCrock is worth the cost because of how well it contains aromas.

At 3.5 quarts, the Chef'n EcoCrock bin may be too small for hard-core composters who have a lot of output. One Amazon shopper who reviewed the bin found the size somewhat insufficient for her family of four. The Chef'n EcoCrock features a plastic inner bucket that sits inside a ceramic container. Users can take out the bucket and rinse it after dumping the compost. While the lid has holes to help with airflow, the charcoal filter prevents any smell from escaping.

Kitchen composters who want something both effective and aesthetically pleasing need look no further than the Chef'n EcoCrock compost bin. It's a complete package of looks and performance.

Jennifer Magid

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