WearEver Admiration 12-Piece Review



In addition to pots and pans with glass lids, this set comes with nonstick-safe utensils. The brand is a longtime favorite among consumers and the cookware is fairly sturdy without being heavy.

WearEver cookware has been around since the 1900s (it was one of the first aluminum cookware brands). However, the WearEver Admiration 12-piece set (starting at $50, Amazon) isn't your grandmother's cookware; you can't feed a large crowd with this set. Many consumers who have posted WearEver Admiration reviews online consider the pieces a tad small -- better suited to couples or singletons. On Overstock, the reviews are mostly positive but often mention that the pots are shallow and the frying pans somewhat cramped.

Included in the set are 1- and 2-quart saucepans, a 5-quart Dutch oven, and two skillets measuring 8 inches and 10 inches (although the online description identifies these as saute pans, they do not have straight sides). There are also four nonstick-safe utensils packaged with this cookware. The pots have tempered-glass lids, and the Dutch oven lid fits on the large fry pan. The cookware is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe to 350 degrees, but it is not appropriate for use on induction ranges. The wide handles are designed to be easy to hold and made of plastic, so potholders are not necessary. Although some experts recommend riveted handles, because they're less likely to come loose, Good Housekeeping points to the rivets on this cookware as the primary con of the WearEver Admiration set. They proved difficult to clean and discolored in testing.

In general, consumers reviewing the WearEver Admiration 12-piece set on Amazon seem to consider it pretty well constructed. However, one shopper found that the included utensils melt easily. Another complains that the nonstick coating comes off the pots and pans, even when they're washed with just soapy water and a dishcloth. Buyers must remember to use wood or other non-metal utensils with this set or risk scratches on the pans.

While some pieces in this WearEver Admiration set are on the small side, reviewers suggest that this cookware makes a good starter set for someone setting up their first kitchen. Many users have been relying on the brand for years.

Elizabeth Sheer

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