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The Fashion Angels Make-up and Hair Sketch Portfolio targets tweens interested in fashion and beauty in a way that's age-appropriate.

Young tweens and budding teens often take an interest in all things fashion and beauty. The Fashion Angels Make-up and Hair Sketch Portfolio (starting at $9/ month, Amazon) will hit the mark with this target group in a way that's age-appropriate, according to Fashion Angels reviews. Wanna-be fashionistas can trace, sketch, and color away, using the included stencils and templates to give on-paper make-overs. Young artists get creative license to try out limitless looks without a parent ever saying, "You're not going to the mall looking like that."

To test the appeal of the Fashion Angels Make-up and Hair Sketch Portfolio, we once again enlisted the help of our child toy expert, eight-year-old Emma, for a Fashion Angels review. Right off the bat, she seemed disappointed that it didn't come with colored pencils. Once she fished some out of her mom's art stash, there was no slowing her down. She used the booklet's stencils and pre-printed templates to create a handful of drawings. Her girls had long, wavy hair and short, bobbed hair. She colored them with green eye shadow, long red nails, and metallic gold hair accessories. Each one got a name and a story. Based on our review, it was easy to envision this entertaining her for quite some time.

Online Fashion Angels reviews paint a similar picture. One mom who posted a review on Amazon says she enjoys designing looks alongside her seven-year-old daughter. Another review on the site pronounces it excellent on-the-go entertainment, and advises that gel pens make a good alternative to colored pencils. In a Fashion Angels review on Barnes & Noble, one grandparent writes that this portfolio was a great distraction for a bedridden grandchild. We didn't find any reviews that assign it less than four out of five stars.

At a cost of just under $10, the Fashion Angels Make-up and Hair Sketch Portfolio is straightforward fun for girls exploring the world of beauty. It would be an appealing travel or rainy-day distraction. Make sure to get a set of colored pencils or gel pens to go with it, however -- the portfolio has no entertainment value without them.

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