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The Awesome Origami kit is a fun quiet-time craft that inspires imagination and introduces kids to a new art form.

Awesome Origami (starting at $15) is a complete origami-making kit-in-a-box by Creativity for Kids, a division of Faber-Castell. The kit includes 100 origami paper squares, child-safe scissors, a glue stick, wooden craft sticks, and a variety of embellishments, such as rhinestones, feathers, and wiggly eyes. The photo-inclusive directions are straightforward and simple to follow, and projects are sorted by level of difficulty.

In an Awesome Origami review, our child toy tester, at 8 years old, was well within the manufacturer's recommended age group of 6 and up, but was challenged to create even the simple projects without the help of someone older. Despite the relative difficulty, she and her older sister enjoyed fashioning origami pinwheels and trying their hand at harder creations, like the "dancing man" their mom ended up finishing during their review. Our child tester seemed most enamored by the plethora of decorations and doo-dads the kit came with, and our Awesome Origami review ended with her looking forward to decorating her masterpieces.

Online Awesome Origami reviews are sparse, even though it's sold through several big-name retailers. Of the reviews we did find, the majority are favorable. On Amazon, the Awesome Origami craft kit earned an average of four out of five stars from seven reviews. Nine reviews at Barnes & Noble award the kit an average four out of five stars, but no written feedback was accessible on the site.

One Awesome Origami review on Amazon comments favorably on its staying power, noting that the niece who received the kit as a gift continued to enjoy it months afterward. Many reviewers also note that the kit allows children to give creativity free reign. On the down side, one writer who posted an review on Kmart expresses concern that the craft supplies would quickly be depleted but also relief knowing they could be inexpensively replenished.

For a fun quiet-time craft that inspires imagination and introduces a new art form to kids, the Awesome Origami kit may just fit the bill. For younger children or those without an abundance of patience, expect that you'll need to stay nearby to lend a hand.

Gina Briles

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