Soleus Air DP1-70-03 Review



This highly rated, 70-pint dehumidifier removes a great deal of moisture from damp basements, even large ones, according to reviews. It can run at fairly low temperatures and automatically shuts off if frost builds up.

With a capacity of up to 70 pints a day, this dehumidifier is very large for a low-cost unit and has proved ideal for basements, according to Soleus Air DP1-70-03 reviews. Look to the Soleus Air DP1-70-03 (starting at $179) if you're looking to dehumidify a large space without spending a lot of money. Casters and a handle make it easy to move the unit to other areas where it's needed.

Some consumers who have posted Soleus Air DP1-70-03 reviews at AJ Madison have found this large unit a bit on the noisy side. However, it offers three fan speeds, so you can turn down the fan to lower the noise level if necessary. In reviews at Walmart, several users report that the humidity in their basements went from as high as 95 percent down to 40 or 50 percent, sometimes within 24 hours. Of course, the downside is that the 2.5-gallon bucket must be emptied frequently. However, consumers posting Soleus Air DP1-70-03 reviews seem to have found that an easy job. An alert beeps to let you know when the bucket is full and the dehumidifier shuts off automatically. This unit also offers the option of continuous drainage via a garden hose connector. While most users seem to have found it simple to connect, this consumer posting on Amazon notes that some water still drips into the bucket, which must be emptied every few weeks.

When you set the humidistat to a desired humidity level, the unit will cycle on and off to maintain that level. One user posting on Amazon expresses hope that the dehumidifier will last longer because it doesn't run continuously. However, there's a setting for continuous mode as well. The Soleus Air DP1-70-03 is Energy Star rated, so it uses less energy than conventional units.

This dehumidifier comes equipped with several other nifty features. Digital controls let you change the fan speed or set a timer to turn the machine off after two or four hours. The Soleus Air DP1-70-03 works in temperatures as low as 41 degrees. If the coils freeze, an automatic defrost function shuts down the compressor and starts it up again as soon as the coils have defrosted. The dehumidifier also restarts automatically after a power outage. A washable air filter removes dust and other particles, and a light indicates when it's time to clean the filter. The Soleus Air DP1-70-03 comes with a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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