NewAir AD-400 Review


Consumers posting NewAir AD-400 reviews through online retailers Air & Water and Air Conditioner Home report that this model lowers humidity significantly and quickly. The sleek, lightweight unit promises it can remove up to 40 pints of water a day from spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and small basements. In a NewAir AD-400 review on Amazon, a user comments that the dehumidifier removed the advertised 40 pints within the first 24 hours.

Comments avbout the NewAir AD-400 (starting at $200) also rave about extremely quiet operation. Consumers posting at Air & Water say this dehumidifier is no louder than a fan, which makes it a good choice for a bedroom. The water tank holds a bit over 10 pints and a loud alarm goes off when the bucket needs emptying (which some consumers warn can be a problem in the middle of the night). Some users posting reviews at Air Conditioner Home complain that the water tank is awkward to get out, because it has no handles, and hard to fit back in. Other consumers have had problems connecting a drainage hose to this dehumidifier, according to NewAir AD-400 reviews.

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This model is full of features, including a 24-hour timer that can be set to turn the unit on and off automatically. There is an adjustable humidistat built in, so you can set the desired humidity level. Unlike our top picks, however, this model won't turn off when the humidity reaches that level. The NewAir AD-400 also isn't Energy Star compliant. It does, however, have an automatic defrost function that comes in handy in cold basements. Both an ionizer and a carbon filter work to rid the surrounding air of particulate matter and odors. As usual, there are a few complaints that the dehumidifier doesn't last much longer than the one-year warranty period.

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