Danby DDR30E Review


Users who have posted Danby DDR30E reviews through online retailer Compact Appliance appreciate that this model is small and unobtrusive; they have no qualms about keeping it out in a room where it might be needed. Consumers turn to this 30-pint dehumidifier for RVs, apartments, or smallish basements. The Danby DDR30E (starting at $139, Amazon) is also remarkably efficient, according to reviews at Amazon. Many purchasers found that dampness began to clear up within a day.

Consumers posting Danby DDR30E reviews also find this unit fairly quiet. One user posting at Compact Applicance has purchased many dehumidifiers and comments that this is the first unit that's not too noisy to run in a bedroom at night. Still, unless the machine is unplugged, the fan runs continuously, and reviews at Sylvane indicate that some consumers find that bothersome.

The features on the Danby DDR30E are pretty standard but include some of the most convenient capabilities available in this price range. The unit has a hose connector, so it can be set up to drain continuously. You can set the built-in humidistat to a desired level, and the dehumidifier will cycle on and off to maintain that level. Like most dehumidifiers of this size, the Danby DDR30E will work at temperatures as low as 41 degrees. If the coils freeze up, it has an automatic defrost function. This dehumidifier also meets Energy Star requirements for efficiency.

There are very few reported breakdowns of the Danby DDR30E. That may have something to do with the fact that, unlike many other dehumidifiers at this price point, it comes with a two-year warranty.

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