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Dell Inspiron 580s 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick
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For the most part, the Dell Inspiron 580s fares well with reviewers. PC World's Dell Inspiron 580s review considers the system's Intel i3 CPU a solid performer but goes on to say the 320GB hard drive is too small. The review also points out that this system's lack of a DVI port means users have to connect their monitors to the PC with either an HDMI port or the old-school VGA port. PC Mag also likes this system's Intel CPU, but isn't wild about its 3D performance. Of course, this is no surprise in the discount desktop world, where models rarely have anything more powerful than a basic, built-in video chip. Users seem less judgmental about the Inspiron 580s's weak spots. In Dell Inspiron 580s reviews on theDell site,dozens of consumers award it five stars, pointing to its user-friendly operation and value price. They say it's perfect for home use -- email, streaming old TV shows, managing your finances, Internet research for school projects, a little photo editing, and the like. One user suggests this is a system worth upgrading.

The Dell Inspiron 580s is available in several configurations, with more expensive versions piling on more features; our Inspiron 580s is the most basic and cheapest. It runs Windows Home Premium 64-bit and has an Intel i3 CPU. The CPU is probably its best feature because this is the best CPU you'll find in a budget PC. The 320GB hard drive is quite a bit smaller than what you typically find on discount desktops. Whether this is a drawback or not depends on what kind of user you are. Users with large multimedia libraries will no doubt want a PC with a larger drive but users looking for a basic home PC for activities will find that a smaller hard drive is sufficient. The Dell Inspiron 580s comes with 4GB of RAM, 6 USB ports, and memory card reader -- all standard equipment on most cheap systems.

The fact that the Dell Inspiron 580s doesn't include a DVI port for a monitor connection bugs us. Many users don't have a monitor with an HDMI connection, and DVI is preferable to the VGA connection that those users will be stuck with. DVI is simply a better quality connection. The hard drive may be on the small side, but if you don't save a lot of large media files, that won't be a big issue for you. We do like that this discount Inspiron 580s includes an i3 CPU, which we regard as its stand-out feature.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – October 16, 2013
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