Lenovo H520 Review



The H520 from Lenovo packs in plenty of features, including a 1TB hard drive and, in its base configuration, a pretty fast Intel Pentium CPU. Experts like its general-purpose and low-intensity multimedia capabilities and users like the value.

Lenovo H520 reviews consider this a solid budget desktop, especially for anyone interested in a PC wrapped in a smaller case. In a review of a Lenovo H520 configuration with richer specs than the base configuration (i.e., more memory and an upgraded CPU), PC Mag calls attention to the slim profile -- about half the size of the usual tower, according to the manufacturer -- and commends the performance given the budget pricing. The Lenovo H520 (starting at $360, Amazon) ranked highly in testing, especially multimedia, and put on a respectable graphics show. Other positives cited in the Lenovo H520 review include wireless support and the minimal presence of unnecessary extra software. Users also comment on the lack of bloatware in posts at Best Buy and praise the system's performance, with many saying it surpasses their expectations for speed and handling of multimedia content and smoothly tackles run-of-the-mill computing tasks. A different configuration sold at a significantly higher price point likewise draws praise in posts at Staples for speed and quiet efficiency, although one reviewer wishes the included keyboard were sturdier.

The cheapest configuration of the Lenovo H520 includes 4GB of memory and an Intel Pentium CPU; the next level up offers 6GB of RAM and runs on a faster Intel Core i3 CPU. (The configuration tested by PC Mag included an even faster Core i5.) All versions are fitted with a 1TB hard drive and use the Windows 8 operating system. The Lenovo H520 also features a DVD/RW drive, 7-in-1 media reader, and built-in wireless and Ethernet support. Connections include six USB 2.0 ports.

The Lenovo H520 is just right for budget shoppers seeking a solid performer with a compact footprint. This desktop is more than fast enough for daily PC tasks, and its feature set is quite good for this price range. The entry-level specifications don't quite match up with the Gateway system we researched, but you can't quibble with its performance or price.

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