Asus CM1735 Review


Think Twice

The CM1735 from Asus contains a budget AMD CPU, which slows down this entry-level desktop PC. Some users complain that the computer is prone to freezing and shut downs.

The Asus CM1735 (starting at $397, Amazon) sports a few nice features but suffers from occasional technical problems and corner-cutting in places that prompt critical reviews. An expert Asus CM1735 review posted at likes the 6GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive, specs that exceed those of most budget desktop PCs. But the system has no USB 3.0 ports or built-in wireless support, and its low-end AMD CPU isn't as powerful as Intel processors. The reviewer notes that the Asus CM1735 can still handle the usual mundane tasks, but it definitely doesn't have as much punch as Intel-based machines. A few comments found at Amazon and Newegg contain reports about freeze-ups and problems booting up. Other Asus CM1735 reviews are more positive but do note that the system seems a tad slow.

The 6GB of RAM and large 1TB hard drive are this model's strong points -- most entry-level systems feature 4GB of memory and a 500GB drive. That said, the lack of other features outweigh the extra RAM and hard drive space. The low-end AMD CPU helps to keep the Asus CM1735 in the sub-$400 range, but at the expense of oomph. There are also no USB 3.0 ports, which are increasingly common even in budget desktops. The CM1735 has a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, a 6-in-1 card reader, and six USB 2.0 ports.

Performance of the Asus CM1735 is undermined by the AMD processor, and we'd prefer to pay a little extra for an Intel-based PC. Generous hard drive space and a little extra memory aren't enough, in our opinion, to compensate for the slow CPU and absence of USB 3.0 ports. Reports of this system's tendency to freeze are also a bit disconcerting.

Michael Sweet

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