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Where to Buy eMachines ET1810-01

"eMachines" and "value" have been synonymous terms for many years, but eMachines may have set the bar a little too low with the ET1810-01. eMachines ET1810-01 reviews by users at both Newegg.com and at Circuit City pan the system for being slow, and one of the Newegg.com reviewers says the systems graphics could be better, as well.

We're not surprised to hear users complain about the eMachines ET1810-01's given that it has an Intel Celeron 420 CPU, one of the slower CPUs in Intel's lineup. eMachines skimped on the hardware in this PC to shave its price to a sub-$300 level, so it only includes 2GB of RAM and a relatively small 160GB hard drive. This low-cost PC also runs on Windows Vista Home Basic, which is probably the least popular (but also the cheapest) of Microsoft's current crop of operating systems.

We understand eMachines was going for a super-low price when it put together the eMachines ET1810-01, but we think they went too far. At the least, we'd like to see an Intel Pentium CPU in this system and any OS other than Vista Basic. Of course, those upgrades would inevitably increase the price of this desktop, but those upgrades are worth the money.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – October 16, 2013
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