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Target's store brand diapers attract a cult following for their low price, high performance, and stylish polka-dot print. Equally important for some families, they're also chlorine- and latex-free.

Budget-friendly doesn't have to mean low quality or unattractive, according to reviews of Up & Up diapers. This Target store brand boasts a devoted following thanks to a cheap price, chemical-free components, and hypoallergenic features. On the company website and elsewhere, scores of parents tell of their conversion following the recommendation of friends.

Some reviewers assert that Up & Up's performance exceeds that of high-priced diapers such as Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers. And while a smattering of reviews grouse about leaks and blowouts (almost exclusively overnight), the vast majority accept the trade-off between affordability and okay performance, with low price compensating for any gaps. A few online posts say the brand works best through size 2, when babies aren't moving around as much; activity, they suggest, contributes to leakage. Up & Ups don't stretch quite as much as the premium brands, which may mean a less-than-snug fit on some children.

Where to buy

Unlike some budget diapers, Up & Up (from 16 cents/diaper, Target) come in a newborn size suitable for babies weighing up to 10 pounds. Size 1 should fit starting at 8 pounds and the line reaches the end at size 6, for children weighing 35 pounds or more. The first three sizes feature a wetness indicator. Diapers of all sizes are free of latex, perfumes, chlorine, and petroleum-based lotions; are made from natural materials (wood fluff pulp and cotton); and incorporate a hypoallergenic inner liner. The shape is contoured, the waist is adjustable, and the leg openings are dual-cuffed to stave off leakage. The fasteners are hook and loop and the outer shell is decorated in a polka-dot pattern.

BabyGearLab ranks Up & Up diapers No. 17 out of 24 tested but still dubs them a "great value." The Target brand was the cheapest of the lot and bested some higher-priced labels, including Fisher-Price Happy Days and Seventh Generation Free & Clear. They were weighed down by poor absorption and average leakage but floated higher with good ecological and health features. Indeed, plenty of parents appreciate the chemical-free qualities, although some report rashes breaking out after introducing the brand to the nursery.

Target's Up & Up diapers are a low-risk investment with potential for a high savings payoff if the diapers work for your child.

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