Pampers Baby Dry Review



These diapers boast up to 12 hours of protection, so theoretically fewer diapers are needed overall and the per-diaper cost is more manageable. Reviews praise the versatile fit and soft feel.

The strong, but not unanimous, consensus about Pampers Baby Dry is that this cheaper line of diapers from a leading brand is a good deal. Many caregivers are drawn to Baby Dry first for the price and ultimately stick with the product for performance, fit, and comfort. Scores of reviews on sites such as Amazon and Viewpoints attest to their ability to keep babies dry and prevent leakage; in other words, they rank high on the absorbency meter. Baby Dry is so reliable, one parent writes, that she is sure to use them on days when it's not possible to change her child's diaper frequently. Many parents report that Baby Dry holds a lot, seemingly more than other brands, and doesn't cause skin irritations.

And yet, we came across a number of critical reviews complaining about the usual diaper-related disappointments: blowouts, leakage, and rashes. Some feedback contends that this line isn't as soft as Pampers' pricier Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers, looks and feels low quality, doesn't fit as well, and requires many daytime changes -- forget about overnight. There was also some grousing about hard-to-use tabs.

Pampers Baby Dry (from 24 cents/diaper, Amazon) claims to provide up to 12 hours of dryness while the baby sleeps. A wide core and multiple layers, including one that's stamped with a raised pattern, are identified in product marketing as the protective features. There are stretchy sides, an adjustable waist, and a cotton-like feel to the outer shell, which is decorated with Sesame Street characters. These diapers come in seven sizes, starting with newborn for babies weighing less than 10 pounds, and climbing up to size 6 for toddlers weighing 35 pounds and more. Unlike other bargain-priced diapers, Pampers Baby Dry features a wetness indicator for all sizes.

This line from Pampers sits at the top of the Cheapism price range. Parents of heavy wetters may want to use a cheaper brand for daytime and relegate Baby Dry to nighttime duty to stretch their value.

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