Walgreens Well Beginnings Review


Think Twice

Walgreens often puts these house brand diapers on sale, so it's possible to get a lot for the money, but the trade-off is uncertain performance, such as leakage and occasional skin irritations.

Frequent specials, such as buy-one-get-one-free, often mean these diapers are available at rock-bottom prices, but Walgreens Well Beginnings reviews suggest buyers should think twice before plunging ahead. The house-brand product's performance seems to be as varied as the sales sticker. While some reviewers are partial to Walgreens baby diapers, most are more impressed with low prices than overall quality.

The newborn size earns an average 3.3 stars on the company website, where some parents commend the performance and sizing, as well as the price, while others complain about skin breakouts and leakage. Well Beginnings reviews of size 4 are more consistently positive. Some assert they beat out the name-brand competition (e.g., Huggies and Pampers) for leakage and absorbency, but others contend the cheap price is deceiving because the baby goes through more diapers. We also read posts claiming that the diaper material doesn't absorb quickly or hold liquid well, so the diapers often sag and require frequent changing -- some say almost immediately after urination. A few say Parent's Choice diapers, Walmart's in-house brand, are cheaper and do a better job.

Some feedback posted at Viewpoints links these diapers to rashes on the wearers despite the fact that the brand boasts a soft, hypoallergenic lining. Aside from the discomfort that accompanies skin irritations, these diapers also lose points with reviewers for comfort and feel; several contend Well Beginnings isn't as soft as other brands.

Walgreens Well Beginnings diapers come in seven sizes, starting with newborn for babies weighing 10 pounds or less. Like most other bargain diaper brands, this one maxes out at size 6 for toddlers weighing 35 pounds and up. The waist and side panels are soft and stretchy. The hypoallergenic inner liner features botanicals, vitamin E, and aloe.

Although many reviews urge stocking up when offered at deep discounts, the regular list price is on par with bigger-name and better-performing brands. Unless the price is too good to pass up, don't bother, especially if the baby is a heavy wetter.

Maralyn Edid

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