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Samsung SH100
Where to Buy Samsung SH100

The Samsung SH100 isn't too far out of our price range, but it has some features you won't find in the budget cameras on our list. For starters, this is a Wi-Fi camera, so you can wirelessly transfer lower-resolution photos directly from the camera and even control the camera remotely. In a Samsung SH100 review at PC Mag, an expert admires the sharp images this camera produces but notes that the Samsung SH100 is a little slow to boot up and struggles to snap good photos in lower light without a flash. A review at CNET says this camera doesn't have much shutter lag, so it can snap as soon as you set up a shot. The Samsung SH100 shoots very crisp photos in some lighting conditions, although it produces a lot of noise in images shot in lower light, according to CNET's review. An expert at Photography Blog agrees with that assessment, noting the vibrant colors in photos taken in bright light simply using the camera's auto settings. A Samsung SH100 review at UK site Pocket-lint calls this camera a good value and says it snaps pretty clean photos for a cheaper camera. The Samsung SH100 also features an LCD touchscreen, although the review warns that it isn't as responsive as it should be.

This Wi-Fi-enabled, 14-megapixel camera boasts a 3-inch LCD touchscreen, digital image stabilization, and 5x optical zoom, as high as the best camera on our list. The Samsung SH100 can also record HD-quality, 720p video. It uses microSD or microSDHC memory cards.

Samsung SH100 reviews indicate that this is an interesting little camera. Its wireless capability and smartphone-like interface are features that will appeal to consumers who are used to shooting and uploading photos with a phone but want more control over their compositions. Unfortunately, the finicky touchscreen is a bit of a letdown.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – March 5, 2013
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