Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Review



This model delivers both style and substance: It features a touchscreen LCD, a rarity in this price range, and the photo quality passes muster. Reviewers have found the touchscreen and menu layout user-friendly and highlight the camera's fast autofocus.

Most cheap cameras struggle to produce colorful, good-looking photos consistently, but Canon has a knack for making budget point-and-shoots that deliver high-quality images. On top of that, the Canon PowerShot A3400 IS (starting at $89, Amazon) is a touchscreen camera -- a rarity in the budget price range. The touchscreen works well, according to a Canon PowerShot 3400 IS review at Camera Labs, where an expert rates this model highly recommended. The 3-inch LCD is bright, with wide viewing angles. The review also notes that the autofocus locks on quickly.

An expert from PC Mag says the touchscreen menu is intuitive and makes the camera pretty easy to use. However, this Canon PowerShot 3400 IS review criticizes the noise, or graininess, that appears in photos snapped in low light (a nearly ubiquitous problem in budget digital cameras). A Digital Camera Info reviewer echoes the praise for ease of use and appreciates the 3-inch display but points out that this touchscreen camera can shoot only about 180 photos on a single battery charge, which is lower than average.

The Canon PowerShot A3400 IS is a 16MP touchscreen camera with 5x optical zoom. The ISO settings range from 100 to 1600 -- typical for this price range -- and optical image stabilization keeps shots looking sharp even if your hands are a bit unsteady. The camera features continuous shooting, so you can take multiple photos in succession by holding down the shutter button. However, Canon PowerShot 3400 IS reviews point out that the continuous shooting speed of 0.8 shots per second is rather slow. Like most cheap digital cameras, the PowerShot A3400 IS uses SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards and has a USB 2.0 connection for uploading photos to a PC. It can also shoot 720p high-definition video.

It's uncommon to find a touchscreen camera in this price range, so if that sounds like a winning feature, this is the choice for you. The camera is easy to operate and Canon PowerShot 3400 IS reviews report that it produces good photos so long as you're shooting in decent lighting conditions.

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