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Frigidaire FDB520RHS Review
Frigidaire FDB520RHS 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick

People who buy the Frigidaire FDB520RHS (starting at $200) seem to know exactly what they're getting: a good, basic, low-priced dishwasher. A consumer who posted a Frigidaire FDB520RHS review at Best Buy says if you're looking for value, you will find it here. With two sprayers and water coming out at four levels, the normal wash cycle works well, according to users who posted reviews at Best Buy, although some say you may need to rinse off caked-on foods to keep them from leaving a residue. Consumers posting reviews on the manufacturer's website call the dishwasher quiet, although the decibel level is higher than you find on more expensive machines. At 61 decibels, this dishwasher runs at about the volume of a normal conversation.

What the cost of the Frigidaire FDB520RHS doesn't buy you is a number of cycles and options that some consumers feel are unnecessary anyway, particularly for smaller households. It has heavy, normal, and light cycles; heated dry; and high temperature wash, as well as the option of a two-, four-, or six-hour delay start. Another thing users of this dishwasher have to do without is flexibility in the racks. One consumer who posted a Frigidaire FDB520RHS review at Best Buy finds the inside a bit on the small side and warns that overloading the dishwasher compromises its cleaning power.

One negative that comes up in Frigidaire FDB529RHS reviews at Best Buy is this dishwasher's drying ability. There are also a few reports of it breaking down within a year or two. But for the most part users find this no-frills model a great value for the money.

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – November 27, 2013
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