Whirlpool Gold Top Control WDT710PAY Review



The Whirlpool Gold WTD710PAY piles on the features, including upper and lower fold-down tines, adjustable upper rack, and controls mounted on the top edge of the door. Consumers appreciate the six cycles and many options, such as the soil sensor and eco-wash cycle, and, more critically, the impressive results.

The combination of strong performance and features often associated with higher-end dishwashers win over consumers, according to Whirlpool Gold Top Control WDT710PAY reviews. At Appliance Connection users express pleasant surprise at its quiet operation, saying you can barely hear it running. Reviews are effusive about the end results, as well. Posts at Home Depot, for example, report thorough cleaning even without prerinsing and no spotting even with hard water. The spacious and flexible interior, with fold-down tines on both racks, an adjustable upper rack, and a silverware basket that fits in any of several locations garner heaps of praise in reviews, with users happily noting they can load in more items than was possible with older models.

Behind all the applause, however, we also detected bit of sniping. Placing the basket in the door or clipping it on the front of the lower rack may open up space for dishware, but doing so has its downsides. Some users assert the basket is hard to load when in the door and silverware doesn't get a complete cleaning. Additionally, some Whirlpool Gold Top Control WDT710PAY reviews at the company site and at Sears say the basket can't accommodate larger utensils, larger flatware patterns don't fit the slots in the basket covers, and small pieces of flatware fall through the bottom holes. We also found a handful of reports about inadequate cleaning (mostly of baked-on food stuffs) and operational breakdowns. As is common with energy-efficient dishwashers in the budget segment, insufficient drying is a frequent but not deal-breaking critique.

The Whirlpool Gold Top Control WDT710PAY (starting at $445, Amazon) is richly appointed. The tall tub can hold up to 15 full place settings, the top rack slides out completely and can be moved up or down and it has an extra minishelf for a second row of mugs. There are six wash cycles, including a sensor cycle that adjusts the settings based on soil level and load size and an energy-efficient overnight cycle for heavily soiled loads, as well as a half (top rack) wash and a sanitizing rinse. Users can choose between a heated or non-heated drying cycle and delay the start for four hours. The electronic controls are mounted along the top edge of the door. This model comes with an Energy Star and noise level is rated at 55 dBA. It's available in white, white ice (with a stainless-steel handle), black, black ice, and stainless steel; prices vary by finish.

Despite a malfunction here and there and low-level grousing about the utensil basket, the array of features and solid performance make the Whirlpool Gold Top Control WDT710PAY a true value buy.

Elizabeth Sheer

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