Maytag Jetclean Plus MDB4709PA Review



A standard dishwasher with solid performance, the Maytag Jetclean Plus sports an unusual tiered top rack that affords greater flexibility in loading, particularly tall items. There are five wash cycles (including china/crystal and heavy duty), a steam sanitizer, hard food disposer, and child lock.

Given the price point, this budget model deserves praise for its cleaning ability, say Maytag Jetclean Plus MDB4709PA reviews. At the company site users write that dishes, glasses, and flatware shine after the cycle is finished regardless how soiled they were at the outset, an assessment confirmed by comments posted elsewhere. Users also commend its quiet operation despite a rated decibel level that's slightly higher than others we researched. Several also rave about the effectiveness of the steam-sanitize option.

On the downside, a few Maytag Jetclean Plus MDB4709PA reviews at sites such as AJ Madison contend that tea and coffee stains and dry or sticky food remains don't get washed away completely. Some users also balk at the long cycle -- upwards of three hours with the sanitize and heated dry options -- and contend that the rack layout isn't particularly efficient. A sample of grievances: stemware doesn't fit in the upper rack, not enough space on the bottom rack for two rows of dinner plates, the silverware basket is a space hog. Still, users favorably compare this model to whatever it replaced.

The Maytag Jetclean Plus MDB4709PA (starting at $404, AJ Madison) is equipped with several appealing features. The top rack is tiered, with the middle section raised, to open up space for taller items in the bottom rack. (Some users point out this setup has the effect of limiting clearance on the top rack.) There are five wash cycles, including china/crystal and heavy-duty; a sanitizing rinse; heat and no-heat dry options; and a hard-food chopper that minimizes the need to prerinse. Delay-start options include 2, 4, and 8 hours. The tall tub holds up to 12 place settings and when running, the decibel level hits 57dBA. This model earns Energy Star certification and comes in white, bisque, black, and stainless steel.

Although a few reviews mention service calls were needed within the first year, users don't seem concerned about durability. They do seem pleased to have chosen a dishwasher whose performance meets expectations.

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