Maytag MEDC300XW Review



This 7-cubic-foot electric dryer sports 10 cycles, wrinkle prevention, and moisture sensing technology. Experts and users like the number of features provided for the money, as well as the effectiveness, and consider this dryer a very good value.

Maytag Centennial MEDC300XW reviews give this model kudos for offering plenty of higher-end features for a surprisingly modest price. Users posting at Home Depot appreciate the large capacity of this 7-cubic-foot model and its gas-powered counterpart, the Maytag Centennial MGDC300XW. Consumer product experts at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute rate this model as one of the better budget dryers. Testing showed that a medium-size load dried quickly without getting tangled or twisted. This dryer was also one of the only models at any price that quickly and evenly dried a bulky comforter, according to Good Housekeeping's review.

Maytag MEDC300XW reviews from consumers point to the popularity of the wrinkle-free cycle (in addition to nine others) and extras such as an interior light, something you don't always find at this price point. Both the electric and gas versions come with a moisture sensor, a feature that experts at Consumer Reports strongly suggest. A moisture sensor helps conserve energy and preserve fabric by letting the machine run only until a load is dry, exposing clothes to no more heat than necessary. This technology is hard to come by in budget dryers, as well; most low-priced units have only temperature sensors, which generally aren't as accurate. Although users enjoy having the moisture-sensing option, a few report that larger loads don't always dry in one cycle and certain fabrics seem to throw off the sensing technology.

Another factor that prompts some grousing: the door. The Maytag MEDC300XW is fitted with both left and right door hinges, but one user notes that the door handle can't be moved, nor can the door be flipped, making it impractical to reverse. A Maytag MEDC300XW review suggests this model might not be a good fit for consumers who have difficulty bending or stooping because the door sits pretty low to the ground. And one grumbles that the heat turns off when drying is complete but the drum keeps turning until the door is opened.

For shoppers searching for a good, basic dryer that includes some unexpected extras, the Maytag Centennial MEDC300XW/ MGDC300XW is a solid, low-cost choice. Despite a few minor design flaws, user feedback suggests most are well pleased with its overall performance -- especially for the price.

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