Amana NGD4600YQ Review



With 6.5 cubic feet of capacity, 11 automatic cycles with three temperature options, reversible door, and temperature sensor, this model includes more features than many other gas dryers in the budget bracket. Users appreciate the short dry time and roomy drum.

This gas dryer earns raves in Amana NGD4600YQ reviews for its ease of use and energy efficiency. Even heavy items like towels and jeans dry in one cycle, according to comments posted at Best Buy. With a 6.5-cubic-foot drum, users also have no trouble drying extra-large items such as comforters and king-size bedding and the large opening affords good access and visibility. The user-friendly simplicity of this model appeals to consumers, as well, and several Amana NGD4600YQ reviews at Amazon happily report "trading down" from higher-end dryers with all kinds of fancy electronics that ultimately proved unworthy.

The Amana NGD4600YQ comes with some convenient features that users appreciate, including a wrinkle-free option, an auto-dry setting, and a reversible side-swing door. Reviews also indicate that users are very satisfied with the energy-preferred setting, which leaves clothes relatively wrinkle-free and burns up less energy. That said, one user counters that less heat actually increases the amount of time clothes need to dry.

While the Amana NGD4600YQ delivers solid performance and welcome features, it's not without flaws. Some users find the lint trap hard to clean given its location at the top and others consider the 11 cycle options somewhat arbitrary. Another common complaint about this model is the lack of interior light. The rounded back of the model makes it a tough fit in small spaces, which puts off some potential buyers.

Users of the Amana NGD4600YQ and its electric counterpart, the Amana NED4600YQ, seem to regard such issues as minor nuisances, not deal breakers. Overall, this dryer is a dependable performer.

Emily Lugg

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