Haier Encore RDE350AW Review


Think Twice

Reviewers enthuse about the 6.6 cubic feet of space in this electric dryer but are less impressed with drying performance, some finding one cycle isn't enough. Complaints about operational snafus are more pronounced than usual for entry-level dryers.

Reviews of the Haier Encore RDE350AW are mixed. While this is a basic model and extras are few and far between, it's the uncertain reliability that prompts consumer grousing. The thermostat, in particular, has wreaked havoc on many a load of washables, according to Haier Encore RDE350AW reviews at H.H. Gregg, where one reports having to replace the component after only five months. Other Haier Encore RDE350AW reviews, including several at Lowe's, complain about needed repairs for various reasons within the first year of ownership.

This 6.6 cubic-foot model features seven automatic cycles, including four timed-dry cycles, plus four temperature settings. It also sports a temperature sensor and wrinkle shield. Many users, however, report that multiple cycles are required to completely dry a load, which, as one user points out, causes energy usage to skyrocket and defeats the cost savings derived from buying a budget model. Another source of irritation shared in many Haier Encore RDE350AW reviews concerns the end-of-cycle buzzer. Although a non-standard feature in the entry-level segment, many reviewers find the frequency of the buzzing a nuisance and the volume unusually loud.

Convenience features (at least for some users) include a front-mounted lint filter, a drop-down door, and lights indicating the cycle status. A gas version, the Haier Encore RDG350AW, is also available.

This model is well-priced, attractive, and easy to use, but users waved enough red flags to prompt a caution sign when considering this unit.

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