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Electric Guitars Buying Guide

One of the best pieces of advice about buying a guitar is to try avoiding buying one that's sold in a cardboard box. While there are many good cheap electric guitar packs you can purchase with an amplifier and stand, they often include guitars that shouldn't be sold for more than $50.

If you insist on going the cheap electric guitar package route, one worth looking at is the Epiphone G-310 SG and All Access Amp pack (starting at $350), which features a decent starter guitar with amp, tuner, cable, and headphones. There are many good deals for cheap electric guitars like this one out there, but pay close attention to the guitar itself. If it's too good a deal, it's probably a bad buy long term.

Another good piece of advice: Go to a guitar store and play -- if you buy online be sure of the model and the source. Parents, this means you should take your child to the store and see which cheap electric guitar the child is most comfortable playing. Another reason to buy at the store is that many guitars need to be tuned, even when brand new. Guitar stores often will do a "set up" for a modest price -- usually between $40 to $75 -- and it makes all the difference when playing; if a store offers to do this for free, this is a vendor you want to do business with.

Finally, it's important to know that all the prices in our buying guide are list prices. But the great thing about buying a cheap electric guitar is that you don't have to pay list; this is a market where negotiated prices are the norm, so haggle away. And again, try and avoid purchasing online unless you find a deal that a local retailer can't beat.

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