Epiphone Dot Studio Review


Epiphone Dot Studio reviews report no issues with fret buzz and describe the tone as very smooth and full. In the opinion of one user posting at Musician’s Friend, the wood of this semi-hollow-body guitar seems to mature after several months and improves with age.

A guitar expert points to the Epiphone Dot Studio (starting at $269, Amazon) as a great buy, given that there are few semi-hollow guitars available at this price point. He did notice that the finish was a bit weak on certain parts, and the semi-hollow body generates unwanted feedback with little effort.

An Epiphone Dot Studio review at Ultimate-Guitar.com mentions that the pickups are very low-noise, i.e., they effectively cancel out any electronic humming. The reviewer’s conclusion: The overall sound quality makes this a very versatile guitar, rendering blues, rock, and even country with a full, clean tone.

Maralyn Edid

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