Ibanez ARX320 Artist Review



The Ibanez ARX320 features a mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, and dual humbucker pickups. Users and experts agree that it's an excellent value and provides a good range of tones for any style of music. The finish is impressive and it's a sturdy guitar that will last through years of play.

Users have found that this inexpensive guitar (starting at $450) is very durable and produces a versatile tone, according to Ibanez ARX320 reviews. A Gibraltar III stoptail bridge is designed to maximize sustain, i.e., the length of time a note hangs in the air. This guitar sports 22 frets in total and one user notes on the website of retailer Sweetwater that the neck is very fast, which suggests a shape and finish that make it easier for the player to maneuver. This review adds that the stock pickups provide plenty of punch. The Ibanez ARX320 Artist boasts two humbuckers, which minimize electrical interference and add warmth to the sound.

Another consumer lauds this model on the Guitar Center website, claiming that the sound quality is astounding, thanks to unbelievably long sustain and a tone so versatile it can work with almost any style of music. The reviewer also observes that the feedback is heavy and controllable.

An Ibanez ARX320 review on Jemsite, a comparison-shopping website, mentions that this guitar is extremely durable. The reviewer, who owns two, has never had issues with the Ibanez ARX320 falling out of tune and considers it reliable for taking to gigs.

Maralyn Edid

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