Fender Standard Telecaster Review



The Fender Standard Telecaster is a solidly-built guitar, featuring a maple fretboard, alder body, and two single-coil pickups. The Telecaster is a favorite of country artists, but many users say it's quite versatile. They also say the guitar usually needs some tweaking to bring out its best, but it's sturdy and can take a beating without losing tone.

This model may be a standby for country musicians, but Fender Standard Telecaster reviews suggest that musicians who favor many other styles feel right at home on this guitar. It utilizes dual single-coil pickups and it has a maple fretboard with middling weight and hardness. One electric guitar expert claims that the Fender Standard Telecaster (starting at $499, Amazon) works well with most effects pedals and the quality is miles ahead of similarly priced instruments.

A user posting on the review section of The Tabworld describes the tone of the Fender Standard Telecaster as very mellow and smooth, mentioning that it takes on a bit of twang with no problem. The review notes that while the guitar has very few extra features, its simplicity helps keep the tone clean.

A Fender Standard Telecaster review at Ultimate-Guitar.com mentions that this guitar is quite durable, the strap buttons are solid, and the hardware is well-built. The reviewer has owned this guitar for two years and hasn’t noticed any scratches or dings.

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