Schwinn 420 Review



Some experts consider the Schwinn 420 one of the best ellipticals for less than $1000. It may lack a few bonus features, but its quiet, smooth, and sturdy performance more than compensate.

Excellent value for a surprisingly low price make the Schwinn 420 (starting at $500, Amazon) a favorite of veteran and novice exercisers alike. One Schwinn 420 review posted on Amazon says this model gives a better workout than elliptical machines at the gym, and another says level one of the preset programs is more than challenging. Numerous mentions of the quiet and smooth glide show up in Schwinn reviews on Walmart, where exercisers further note it feels stable and sturdy and award it an average 4.6 stars out of 5. The stride length and ergonomics should be fine for most adults, although users who are much shorter or taller than the norm may argue otherwise: for example, one review says the footpath feels a bit short and another says you may have to lean far forward to grab the handlebars if you're less than 5'4". Meanwhile, an elliptical review on Fitness Equipment Source says the extra-long grip bars provide lots of options for grabbing hold.

The Schwinn 420 is a front-drive model with an 18-inch stride, typical of budget elliptical trainers. The electronics and comfort features are somewhat limited -- no MP3 port or speakers, for example, or fan or backlit display on the console -- but users aren't deterred; some reviews even express a preference for the stripped-down design although quite a few express a desire for a water-bottle holder and can't figure out why the packaging contains the necessary screws but not the rest of the hardware. The angle of the ramp is fixed, but as one Schwinn 420 review asserts, there's little need to change the incline when you've got 16 resistance levels and 12 preset workouts (and one you can customize) to keep you motivated. One snazzy feature is the articulating foot pedals, which angle up in the back and follow the contour of your foot as you stride, thus minimizing the chances of your foot falling asleep. The Schwinn 420 measures 62"x26"x71" and weighs 154 pounds; the maximum recommended weight for users is 300 pounds. Assembly can be accomplished in a couple of hours, but a few reviewers say the directions could be clearer.

In sum, the Schwinn 420 is a well-built and well-designed piece of gym equipment that will give you a stirring workout. It may lack a few frills, but its performance and price earn it a spot at the top of our list.

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