Horizon EX69 Review



This is the budget buy for consumers who want to replicate at home the elliptical experience enjoyed at a gym. A solid build, 20-inch stride length, and overlapping pedals offer ergonomically-correct and challenging workouts.

Quality for the money is the assessment of All Ellipticals, whose Horizon EX69 review dubs this model a top choice in the budget price range. Most home exercisers agree, often citing the very natural feel of the leg motion, which is almost like walking or running but without the impact. This flat-ellipse movement eliminates any bounciness in your stride and boosts the comfort factor, says a review on Amazon. The resulting workout is intense and smooth and rivals what you'd get with a model costing double, add Horizon reviews posted on Horizon Fitness Outlet. Users say the machine is quiet, even with a 220-pound male on board and the long stride suits users taller than six feet, according to elliptical reviews. Users like the built-in speakers for MP3 entertainment , say the manual incline is easy to adjust, and praise the company's customer service, which is reportedly quick to send out replacement parts and locate a technician who can make house calls.

The Horizon EX69 (starting at $799, Amazon) is a relatively new model with ergonomically-appealing features. The "zero gap" between the pedals is good for back and hips, for example, and the pedals have a power arch and traction edge. Unlike other front-drive elliptical trainers, the design on the EX69 keeps you standing upright rather than leaning forward slightly. This model sports a 20-inch stride (unusually long for a discount elliptical machine), five incline settings, 16 resistance levels, 11 preset workout programs, and a built-in fan. You can change the workouts as you go, customize workouts for two users, and track your goals (time, distance, calories burned) for up to 31 days. The maximum user weight is 300 pounds and the assembled measurements are 72"x22"x65".

Bottom line: This is an excellent option if you want an exercise experience that's much like what you'd get at a gym but at a price that beats annual gym membership costs.

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