ProForm 590E Review



The ProForm 590E is all about the features, but it also offers a decent workout. The manually-operated incline isolates different muscle groups and plenty of preset workout programs provide motivating variety.

For exercisers who like lots of features on their in-home gym equipment, the ProForm 590E (starting at $582) delivers. ProForm 590E reviews on Abe's of Maine, for example, give a thumbs-up to the adjustable incline and the number of preset workout programs, which one user says is plenty sufficient for variety without paralyzing you with too many choices. The iFit Live compatibility is well-liked by users, including one home-workout neophyte who writes in a review on My Sears that the extra workouts you can access provide the challenge and motivation to stick with a regimen. Other users point out in ProForm reviews on Overstock that the backlit display is easy to read, you can watch a Netflix movie on your plugged-in iPhone while exercising and keep cool with the built-in adjustable fan. In terms of performance, consumers generally praise the smooth and quiet ride -- no problems hearing a radio or television -- and say several weeks of use produces noticeable results. This model finds favor with the budget-conscious, as well, who insist you get your money's worth.

And yet, we read a few ProForm 590E reviews reporting that the machine seems a bit wobbly, the stride a bit short, and the footpath not quite elliptical. Also, the display does not give a readout for distance. Elliptical Trainers concludes this is a machine best suited for moderate exercise by users who weigh quite a bit less than the specified 300-pound weight capacity.

Like most elliptical trainers in this price range, the ProForm 590E sports an 18-inch stride, heart-rate monitor, 16 resistance levels, and extra-large foot pedals. It also boasts a few less-common features, such as a manually-adjustable incline ramp (four positions between 5 and 20 degrees), a total of 20 preset workouts (14 performance and six weight-loss), and, as noted above, a personal fan and iFit Live compatibility. The 590E measures 62"x27"x65", and the pedals and base fold to save space.

Users consider this a solid piece of equipment that works smoothly and quietly and is best suited for people who of average size who expect to pursue a program of moderate exercise.

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