Weslo Momentum 630 Review


Think Twice

The very short stride length suits users who are very short, very light, or gunning for a low-intensity workout. Many users report it's noisy and wobbly.

For exercise newbies who don't want to make a big investment in a piece of home gym equipment, the Weslo Momentum 630 (starting at $229, Amazon) holds some appeal. As numerous Weslo Momentum 630 reviews point out, the price is about as low as could be, the machine is lightweight and easy to use, and the footprint is small compared to other low-cost ellipticals. It suffices for cardio workouts and weight control, say reviews on Walmart, and the resistance forces you to make an effort.

Positive assessments, no doubt, but a large share of Weslo Momentum 630 reviews gripe about several feature- and performance-related shortcomings. The noise, for one; users report rattling sounds from inside the machine, others say the overall racket interferes with TV-watching (wear ear plugs, suggests an owner), and still others say greasing the works has little to no effect. Rocking and wobbling cause consternation, according to elliptical reviews on Best Buy, as do the model's dimensions; one user says the short distance between the handlebars and where you stand is problematic for taller people. Users also grouse that the readout for distance displays rotations rather than miles, and some find the pedals spaced too far apart for a comfortable stride. Fitness Equipment Source faults the Momentum 630 for build quality and concludes it's more toy than serious elliptical trainer.

Indeed, it helps to be below-average height or way out of shape to get much use from this rear-drive model. The 12-inch stride length is far less than what workout experts recommend for most adults, and the100-pound mass reportedly struggles under the bulk of some users whose weight is clearly within the specified 250-pound limit. There are only two preset workout programs and 10 resistance levels; other budget models we researched feature more of both. One unusual frill is the "target pacer," which prompts you to adjust your speed up or down to better meet your target goals. The Weslo Momentum 630 measures just 44"x21"x55".

There are certainly users who like the Weslo Momentum 630. For a price that's several hundred dollars less than the best cheap elliptical trainers on our list, you get a bare-bones machine that could be a ticket into the workout scene -- or leave you wondering, why bother? If you find yourself becoming addicted to the whole exercise thing, you might wish you had opted for a bigger and better model from the get-go.

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