DeLonghi EC155 Review



This machine features a swiveling frother and can use pods or grounds to make a pretty good cup of espresso with a rich crema. It takes a long time to make multiple cups, but for the money, it's a winner.

For the money, the DeLonghi EC155 (starting at $82, Amazon) is an excellent value. DeLonghi EC155 reviews say it may not last forever, but you'll be pleased with the results for the duration. In DeLonghi EC155 reviews at Amazon, the brew is described as delicious and the crema appropriately foamy. This is an entry-level model that reviews at Macy's say requires some patience to master, although Coffee Geek likes the clear step-by-step directions. Users appreciate being able to make a double or single shot in a matter of minutes -- and that includes clean up -- or simply getting hot water for tea if the mood strikes. Some reviews insist that using freshly ground espresso beans delivers the most robust brew, but other consumers express a preference for the simplicity of single-serve, sealed E.S.E. pods. Several note that the frothing wand ensures a cappuccino or latte will taste just right.

Praise for this machine is not universal. Some DeLonghi EC155 reviews gripe about the lightweight plastic tamper and the small portafilter that can't accommodate a professional tamper. We also read some grumbling about low clearance under the brew head and frother (you'll need shot glasses and a maximum 12-ounce frothing pitcher), the relatively long wait between shots, and occasional problems with leakage and loss of pressure.

The Delonghi EC155 features 15 bars of pressure, a stainless steel boiler, and a 35-ounce water tank. With its plastic housing, this machine weighs less than 10 pounds (some DeLonghi EC155 reviews report that if you jerk too hard on the portafilter, the machine will skip across the counter). It handles both loose grounds and pods, and is controlled with knobs for steam, power, water and coffee dispensing. There are indicator lights and a removable drip tray. This model is backed by a one-year warranty.

Elite espresso drinkers may find the DeLonghi EC155 a bit on the light side. But literally scores of consumers consider it a consummate deal, one that satisfies their taste for a hearty coffee brew at a fraction of the coffee bar cost.

Elizabeth Sheer

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