Saeco Aroma 00347 Review



A good espresso machine for the price, it heats up quickly and delivers a tasty brew with a nice crema. The steam wand is situated in such a way that makes it difficult to remove a frothing pitcher.

Beginning baristas are fans of this model, according to Saeco Aroma 00347 reviews. Users consider it one level above a starter espresso maker but still easy enough to master. Reviews at Seattle Coffee Gear stress the importance of reading the directions to get the hang of it, not to mention the best results. Consumers generally say this model is relatively forgiving about the size of the grind and produces a quality drink, although a couple gripe about the consistency of the crema and the frothed milk (too much bubble in both). Users who posted reviews on Amazon aren't quite as thrilled, with detractors describing the brew as weak and not hot enough when you make several shots in succession. A few gripe about disappearing steam, a frothing wand that's hard to adjust, and time-consuming clean up (components are hard to take apart and reassemble). Other posts on this site, however, like the solidity of this model and say the brew tastes like what they remember from trips to Europe.

The Saeco Aroma 00347 (starting at $219, Amazon) boasts an enormous 85-ounce stainless steel water tank and 15 bars of pressure. It takes either E.S.E. pods or loose grounds, and you can upgrade to a non-pressurized portafilter once your barista skills improve. This model can make hot water for other drinks and it keeps cups warm while the espresso is brewing. The Saeco Aroma 00347 features an all-metal housing and removable plastic drip tray and is covered by a one-year warranty.

Despite some grumbling, consensus opinion says the Saeco Aroma 00347 makes a reputable espresso drink and affords the chance to show off your talents by switching out to a non-pressurized portafilter at a later date.

Elizabeth Sheer

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