Schwinn 240 Recumbent Review



Sturdy, smooth, comfortable, and quiet as a mouse, this recumbent exercise bike wins rave reviews from experienced and novice riders alike. Numerous preset workout programs and resistance levels and an adjustable seat with lumbar support keep 'em movin'.

Schwinn 240 Recumbent Exercise Bike reviews rate it highly for solid construction, quiet operation, and silky ride. It also wins points for comfort and the range of workout options. In a review, experts at Treadmill Reviews HQ say the adjustable padded seat might be too narrow for those at the higher end of the 300-pound weight limit, but the lumbar support in the seat back more than compensates for this minor flaw. Users posting Schwinn 240 reviews at Walmart like its sturdy build and smooth motion, and several report improvements in their health when used regularly without any stress on their joints. For the most part, assembly is straightforward; a few reviews, however, say it may be necessary to take apart certain components in order to connect others. And while users appreciate the multiple workout programs and resistance levels, a number of stationary bike reviews on Amazon say the directions for the console, which controls these features and displays key metrics, are quite confusing.

For its moderate price, the Schwinn 240 (starting at $399, Amazon) is a fully decked-out recumbent exercise bike. It offers 18 different workouts and eight courses over which you can travel virtually at any of 16 resistance levels. (Of course, you can always do your own thing.) The programs can track your progress over time and can be set for two users. The backlit LCD readout reports metrics such as time elapsed, interval time, distance, speed, and calories burned; a heart rate monitor works through the handlebar grips. The bike has a 20-pound weighted flywheel designed to mimic the feel of a regular bike and the seat can be set to 10 different positions to accommodate longer or shorter legs. Wheels for easy portability, a water bottle holder, reading rack, and basket round out the feature set. There's a five-year warranty on the frame and one year on the mechanicals and electronics.

Overall, the Schwinn 240 delivers on features, performance, and durability. It's about as close to a gym-quality machine as you can get for a modest home-gym price.

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