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Samsung S1 mini Review

An expert reviewer at CNET praised the Samsung S1 mini for its sleek design and small size, but they noted that it is quite a bit more expensive (per gigabyte of storage) than its competitors. An expert reviewer at The Register Hardware reach a similar conclusion, praising the style and size of this hard drive, but noting that there are cheaper alternatives available. Another expert from Tom's Hardware was very impressed with the S1 Mini's small size. This reviewer was also pleased with the performance and the backup software that comes with this hard drive.

The Samsung Si Mini is small enough to be mistaken for a cell phone (as one reviewer commented). It weighs only 91 grams and comes with two USB cables. It also comes bundled with two backup programs (Auto Backup and SecretZone).

While reviewer noted that you can get a cheaper hard drive that will work just as well, if you like the style and size of the Samsung S1 Mini, it should be a good performer for you.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – March 2, 2012
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