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Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk Review
Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk

If you have massive amounts of data from multiple home PCs that need backing up, you may need to go big -- really big. Such ample capacity is also critical for anyone who relies on a notebook as a primary computer, notes a Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk review by Anandtech, which compliments the compact design of a device capable of storing so much data.

Another notch in its favor is speed; the expert Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk review measured the external drive's read speed at a lightening 174.6MB/s over a USB 3.0 connection and slightly slower write speeds of 137.2MB/s, which is still many times faster than even the best performance with a USB 2.0 interface. Mac computers don't use USB 3.0 connections, though, so Macworld tested the device at USB 2.0 speeds. According to its Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk review, USB 2.0 transfer speeds are on par with, or better than, competing drives. CNET's Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk review also praises the speedy performance but says the drive is expensive and heavy, which isn't surprising given its capacity.

The Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk works with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connections, and you can buy an adapter for FireWire compatibility. Like other devices in the GoFlex line, the docks are interchangeable so you have lots of flexibility in terms of devices and interfaces. The bundled software lets you easily set up the drive to work with a Mac. An external power source is required, and the GoFlex Desk does indeed come with an AC adapter. This model weighs 2.4 pounds and measures 6.2 x 4.9 x 1.7 inches. There's a two-year warranty.

The Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk costs quite a bit more than most external hard drives, but its per gigabyte cost of 14 cents keeps it in the affordable range. There aren't many users who really need 4TB of external storage, but for those who do, the Seagate GoFlex Desk is a good choice.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – March 2, 2012
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