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Known for high-quality lenses, this Hong Kong-based company has been plagued recently by reports of evasive customer service. The only cheap eyeglasses retailer offering mineral glass lenses or a mirrored coating, it also boasts the widest selection of tints. Experts say that bifocals are too pricey.

Optical 4 Less originally wooed experts with solid, well-crafted glasses and the ability to handle complicated prescriptions. Despite the good experiences of eyewear connoisseurs who posted Optical 4 Less reviews at Glassy Eyes and Eyeglass Retailer Reviews in the past, more recent complaints of rude and evasive customer service practices are shaking the faith of users and experts alike.

A Hong Kong-based company known for high-quality lenses, Optical 4 Less (starting at $15) has been plagued recently by reports of poor customer service. The only discount eyeglasses retailer offering mineral-glass lenses or a mirrored coating, this vendor also has the widest selection of tints. Shipping is free for two or more pairs. Experts assert that bifocals are overpriced for the category, and users commonly complain of getting the run-around.

Other negatives lobbed in Optical 4 Less reviews include a somewhat cumbersome website, pricey lens extras that add up quickly, and bifocals that are overpriced for the category. These issues aside, Optical 4 Less is the only online vendor in the budget price range to offer options such as mineral-glass lenses and mirror coating, a wide variety of lens tints, and some of the thinnest lenses for high index prescriptions. This seller also gives buyers free shipping for purchasing two or more pairs of frames. Eyewear prices start at $15.

According to Optical 4 Less reviews on XP Bargains and Reseller Ratings, consumers are generally pleased with what they get, but a disproportionate number of those who experience problems soon realize they have little recourse for making things right. Customers gripe about inaccurate orders, unresponsive customer service, and a useless return policy.

The online eyewear market is a competitive industry and one in which customer service counts for a lot. Critiques aired in reviews suggest you'd be better off shopping elsewhere.

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