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ProFlowers sends out flowers straight from growers or from its own warehouses. Although flowers arrive in a box and are not professionally arranged, consumers seem to favor this company over the other large services.

Positive ProFlowers reviews are few and far between but still slightly more numerous than kudos for other large sites. They include praise for fresh flowers that open soon after delivery and bloom for two weeks afterward. A recent survey of online flower retailers by J.D. Power and Associates found that consumers were more satisfied with ProFlowers than with the major online competition.

Still, Viewpoints and Yahoo Shopping are littered with stories of late deliveries, unsympathetic customer service, and wilted flowers. In a few ProFlowers reviews, customers accept some culpability for negative experiences. If they had paid closer attention when ordering, for instance, they would have known the flowers would be delivered in a box by UPS or FedEx, rather than arranged in a vase by a local florist. ProFlowers (starting at $73.95) stands apart from some of its biggest competition for shipping directly from warehouses and growers, instead of passing orders on to local florists.

Many ProFlowers reviews slam the company for piling on delivery charges and other fees at the very end of the checkout process. As a reviewer notes on Fat Wallet, you have to keep an eye on the total price, because a $25 deal on the site's front page can become a $50 order after shipping, taxes, guaranteed delivery date, and other fees are applied. The price for delivery of a dozen red roses on a regular business day was the highest of any quote we sought from an online retailer, partly because of the addition of a $2.99 care and handling fee. While all online flower shops can deliver seven days a week if a local florist is available, the other major sites ship products directly Tuesday through Saturday only. ProFlowers offers Monday delivery for a limited selection of goods, for $4.99 extra, if the order is placed before 7 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday. ProFlowers also offers the cheapest standard Saturday delivery, charging as little as $9.99. Consumers should note that selecting same-day or international delivery will redirect them to Florist Express or ProFlowers International, respectively, to complete the order.

In general, ProFlowers reviews are polarized between five stars for "great" or "beautiful" flowers delivered on time and one star for incorrect orders, surprise service charges, and flowers well past their prime.

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