Rory's Story Cubes Review



Rory's Story Cubes by Gamewright is less a structured game than an exercise in storytelling. Choose this game for kids with big imaginations or as a fun English-class aid.

Rory's Story Cubes by Gamewright encourages out-of-the-box game play for kids of all ages and the adults in their lives. It is less a structured game than an exercise in storytelling; the rules are more akin to guidelines. Rory's Story Cubes consists of nine six-sided die in a box slightly larger and deeper than a deck of cards. Instead of numbers, each die is imprinted with pictures out of which players must weave original stories. It's surprisingly simple, and quite versatile.

There are a number of ways to play the game. You can have each player take turns rolling all nine dice at once and see who can come up with the most imaginative story. Alternately, players can trade off rolling one die at a time, working together to craft a collective story. Since the game is subjective, there is no right or wrong way to play. It takes the focus off of winning and losing and instead encourages creativity and collaboration.

We handed over a set of Rory's Story Cubes to our 8-year-old toy expert to get a child's opinion. She tried out the game during her family's weekly game night, and enjoyed making up silly stories. She liked that there weren't a lot of complicated rules, but she sometimes found it hard to figure out what the pictures on the dice were supposed to be or find a way to incorporate them into her tales.

Online reviewers had a lot of positive things to say about Rory's Story Cubes. They also found several original ways to use the game. While one Amazon parent keeps it in her purse for instant waiting room entertainment,another uses it to help the kids overcome writer's block during homework hour. A 5th grade teacher posting on Amazon uses this pocket-sized game as a part of her creative writing curriculum. The few negative reviews we found, like this one on Amazon, find the game a little on the dull side.

Rory's Story Cubes sells for under $8, making it a good value and an affordable gift option. Choose this game for kids with big imaginations or as a fun English-class aid. The unstructured game play discourages the hurt feelings and poor sportsmanship that "winners" and "losers" often encounter. Highly competitive or left-brained children may find it boring, however.

Gina Briles

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